TI Slovenia

Who are we?

Slovenian non-governmental organization Transparency International Slovenia is raising awareness on issues related to transparency, integrity, curbing corruption and organized crime since 2009. Transparency International Slovenia (TI Slovenia) is a part of the global civil society network leading in the field of the fight against corruption –Transparency International. TI Slovenia’s primary objective is to promote integrity and ethical behaviour in public life and to prevent corruption at a national and international level. These objectives are to be achieved through advocacy, public information, education and research. We are preparing roundtables, seminars, press conferences, workshops and conferences on transparency, integrity and corruption as well as educate and share knowledge with stakeholders. The purpose of TI Slovenia is to develop and implement preventive measures and raise awareness of the terms, needs and consequences of promoting integrity in politics, government, business and civil society, aims to assess current levels and attitudes to ethics, integrity and corruption in Slovenia, publish and prepare independent research and cooperate with authorities and other NGOs in work against corruption.

Main areas of work

TI Slovenia focuses on five main issue areas:

  • whistleblower protection
  • public spending oversight
  • transparency of the public sector
  • awareness raising
  • integrity in the private sector

Please contact us for more details regarding our projects, activities or other inquiries regarding our work.